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...and to be hers too.

Jeremiah 29:11 says...

The Lord has plans to prosper us and give us hope and a future. That verse can seem cliche. You see it on every bible journal, it's tossed around and taken lightly but if you truly look into that verse, the Lord is telling us that his plans were never to hurt you, never for you to fall into addiction or depression. He never intended for someone to abuse you. In fact it breaks his heart that you go through those things. But the beauty of God is that he takes that hurt and he turns it into his glory. He uses it to show others that he is the God who redeems and restores. That is the vision of Hope & Co. that we would cultivate a culture of hope, that women's lives would be changed by surrendering to the tangible love of God. That through hard work and learning the word of God, these precious women would learn how to live a purpose filled life linked to true kingdom destiny. 

Hope & Co. is currently in seed form. Our ultimate goal is to start a ministry that helps women who are in the lowest places in life and give them an opportunity to turn their lives around. We have plans to provide housing and a job for the women. We will open a store selling our beauty products and other items, that will fund a home for the women. Our doors will be open to not just the women but their children if they have any. The women will have jobs working in the store, making and selling the products and managing the online store. They will learn the value of hard work and dedication while holding a job and saving money. We will teach the women how to study the Word of God, pray in faith and worship in truth. We truly and firmly believe that the God we serve is the God of hope and that when you encounter him for who he is, you cannot leave unchanged. That is our hope for these women that they would never be the same after they experience the true goodness of God.


Hope&Co Brooklyn Oliver


Wow, what a journey. God has been so good....

My name is Brooklyn. I’m 25 and live in the beautiful city of Ormond Beach, Florida with my husband, Christian, and our precious pups! 

Growing up in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, life was simple. I was just like anyone else, growing up in a loving Christian home, incredibly tight-knit family, and faithfully serving our local church. Life was simple. Life was good. While living in a secure and promising environment physically, I was bound and broken living in fear and insecurity spiritually. I have always dreamed big, God sized dreams, but was too fearful of failure to ever step out to chase after them. Too insecure to even make eye contact with the person that walked by me in our high schools hallways. I didn’t love myself, I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror, and was so caught up in what other people would think of me that I couldn’t even enjoy life. It was emotionally crippling. But God..... 

When I was 20 I had a God encounter. I had had encounters with Him before, but THIS time it was different. All of a sudden I saw Him in a light I had never seen Him before. He became so real. In that moment He wasn’t a God that condemned me for all the wrong I had ever done. He didn’t love me because of what I could or couldn’t do for Him. He was my father. A Heavenly Father that was and is and always will be unconditionally in love with me for no other reason than because I am His daughter. 

Two weeks after this encounter I had a dream. An actual dream, at night, while I was sleeping. I can still see it so vivid in my mind today. What was that dream, you ask? Hope&Co. It was a dream of the physical location and outward appearance of the future ministry of Hope&Co. I have prayed for 5 years asking God how this dream that He put in my spirit would come to pass. God has spoken and the time is now.


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